A girlfriend with a diamond ring bobbi starr worth 5000 bowl of noodles taste"

A man they had just undergone a lot of United States State different emotions within just a few days when the loss of the ring of marriage then blessed be returned and eventually successful marriage girlfriend. To return the favor to benefactor and the local people, he decided to do something very real.


According to British, United Kingdom have come to Chongqing to prepare for unexpected marriage party with her girlfriends in celebration of a year of love. Throughout the month, he said the Kingdom had to meticulously planned, kept secret and buy your girlfriend a diamond engagement ring, 3 carat with the value up to 45 thousand dollars.

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However, while published during lunch at a noodle shop, uk United Kingdom dropped the bag of rings that do not know. Idea that it is the destiny deal, prevented the girlfriend so he proposed United Kingdom very disturbed and suffering.

Not just a day later, I received a call from the salon, says that they are holding the ring, waiting for you to pick up. Turns out a guest at the Inn were gatherers are the bags and brought them back to the staff to pay for the lost.

Before touching the honesty of the salon, he United Kingdom decided to reward them in a very practical way. He was taken to the owner an amount sufficient to pay for the wheat Bowl 5000 and used to treat the local people in Chongqing in one day.

In the letter sent to the salon, he thanked the United Kingdom said that, without the help of people here, the sudden marriage party was not able to perform. Uk United Kingdom is also very happy to share, your girlfriend agreed to the marriage and they are planning a wedding on a day not far away.


"Chongqing is the home of the girl I love and all the people here really kind. I am very happy and honored that the United Kingdom, "he wrote.

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