Due to the sudden impact of underwater creampie pressure: many couples warning

Sudden shock easily die 
Dr Nguyen Khac Loi, Director of Hospital South learning and infertility Hanoi, said the sex too much is dangerous, sometimes the cause condition shocked devastating effect key to health. 

According to Dr. Loi, hospitals had emergency patients suddenly shocked by the incapacity of the "love". The male patient was taken to hospital in a state of emergency can only be concerned relatives Porn HD Sex blankets with white-faced expression, slow pulse. After the emergency doctor urgently, infusion and injection energy subsidies, new male patients regained consciousness.

According to the wife, the couple first married a few months, she was preparing to go overseas labor export for several years. To have their own space, she and her husband split up Hanoi, vacation home rental for three days. Spouse "love" each other constantly, every tired husbands were taking something like aphrodisiac, health assistance. 

After two days, two nights almost forgot about eating, sleeping, that morning, just "close" completed wife, husband tired and cold calling. She then took a blanket for her husband, now her husband, pale skin, cold hands and feet ... Immediately he was taken to the hospital.

women sucking dick

For men, once "loved" the amount of calories consumed is equivalent to about 2.5 tonnes of coal contact, walk for a few kilometers. Even young, healthy, if the excitement they can relate a few times, even 6-7 times a day, but if the frequency is maintained regularly, whether health improvement, eating also difficult to compensate for the calories lost and leads to depletion acute danger to life. 

In this case, the wife a face to CPR while calling people to help, absolutely not because psychological shame that slow emergency patients, may lead to a risk of death, BS Loi stressed. 

sex too much 
sex too much can cause a sudden shock, danger to life. Artwork 

"Love" too much, the consequences will be unpredictable

ThS.BS Le Thi Phuong Hue, Thanh Nhan Hospital, said that too much sex will seriously image quality "race" by the sperm not provide sufficient quantity, quality, photos affect fertilization. It causes the development of sperm is reduced and does not have time to grow normally again. 

Besides, the constant rubbing in "closed areas" may adversely affect to the genitals, and increase the risk of gynecological diseases. If not treated promptly, it can cause very serious consequences for reproductive health, can even lead to infertility.

Sex also increases heart rate, increased body temperature, leading to dehydration, formation of lactic acid or lactic acid in the muscles and the phenomenon of muscle spasms such as exercise ... So will cause danger to health, particularly those who may be weakness. 


More seriously, it can lead to some pathological mental as sexual deviations, schizophrenia, personality disorders, antisocial, borderline personality disorder, depressive disorder ... Article this can seriously affect daily life and the lives of each of us.

The sex too often not a good idea, especially for men list. Research shows that men often encounter many obstacles in the relationship next time if the frequency is too thick. Do not even get emotion and happiness it brings, satisfaction decreased markedly.

According to oriental medicine doctor, in case the men were shocked by the sex will be the expression suddenly sharp white face, shortness of breath, limbs twitching, cold body, pulse extremely weak, she must quickly help victims escape the risk of failure circuit, death by quickly needle silver or metal blunt as hairpin cut sharply into the coccyx (vented field intensity) of husband , while removing vented nails clicking on the philtrum (the grave is located in the groove nose - lip) makes the perception of recovery, then quickly taken to hospital. 

To limit excessive sexual desire is possible, but not easy, requiring perseverance, to the efforts of objects both in awareness and determination.

Need coordinated measures from proactive to passive, built environment healthy lifestyle, avoiding the sensitive elements, should not use the aphrodisiac, sexy image to minimize impact of the factors that stimulate, gradually eliminate bad habits.


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