Several irregularities in russian mature the boy needed treatment early

The sensitive parts of the penis is very important, in other organs of the male body as body, need treatment of penis can also see your beard makes him extremely nervous, and soon to have a perfect life.

The urine sickness low hole

Diabetes is a low born Porn Amateur Qu hole penile curvature P, small hole in the back, the skin on the back of the penis Yu said. Causes of penile curvature, so usually Qu P weak, sometimes small.

When disease surgery should be done as early as you are young. The operation is relatively complex, because just straightened, with skin tube of the city has two heads, one head of the penis head, a head connected to the back of the small hole, let the patient urinate after station.

Penile erection evidence
This is the state of sudden erectile penile erection or maintain in a very long period of time (a few hours or a day) does not involve sexual desire. The host will pain. He believes that the evidence is the development of penile erection from circulatory function mental or hinder the normal penis bleeding.
Clinical evidence of sweating in the hands, feet, forehead, armpits, chest and back...... believe in social and life 20 years of pain m asthma, cough, dyspnea, because they do not know the leaves of asthma.

Penile erection evidence can prove that it is dangerous, if sustained for too long, because it will damage the penile tissue, with weakness. These cases cause severe and persistent pain need treatment. The aim of treatment is to keep and maintain penile erection, reduce recurrence as soon as possible, necessary and diamond mode is excited.
Penile curvature

Tube Spanking

Some men have the penis distorted state. This is the development of the penis is distorted, the most obvious is that when the penis in erection and possible injury. The main sign is the penis bending angle or rotate slowly, when the penis erectile pain, subcutaneous tissue fiber plate thickness. The disease develops slowly, over the past few months or years, perhaps all gradually disappeared, when the same way as serious and rare. The bending state is the result of development of fibrous tissue including shell plate. The outside skin of the penis to the ribs wrapped elastic fiber layer is divided into two layers. The surface layer increase the length and diameter of the load increases, when the penis erects, the two layer is formed. The fibrous tissue hyperplasia and plate oxidation. This kind of disease can lead to erectile pain light, if does not affect the ability, but if serious difficulties and pain. I don't know why, but many of the comments that due to disease break D Is a central and not distorted penis masturbation leads to disease, it is difficult to cure. However, hospitals usually don't need treatment.
Reunion scars, blood, tumor, acne

Like other organs of the body, the penis can also be bruised, broken or even (though no penis bone). The occurrence of abnormal penile fracture is multi wall tearing bending in erectile tissue. The result is bleeding and pain in doing harm. You may need surgery. If the head of the penis after being hit power will cause pain during intercourse, the penis is injured, formation of black penis may be local venous blood in the penis skin tumor. Although it is not serious, but may be in pain.
There are many types of tumors, tumor, ulcer, warts can be generated in the penis, but most are not serious. These fungal infection and fungal infection of the skin like men in general inguinal region development and possible, if there is no penis.

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