Shalt not treat tooth pain, have had extreme sex people die in pain because of a tooth

When the pain can not take it anymore he's new to the hospital to visit and at the moment the doctor shook his head to answer no way heal. Due to the heavy tooth, bone marrow and affects the region surrounding around the mouth cause blood infections. The doctor nodded helpless look this man in death. 

The other case is a 12 year old boy, lives in Maryland, United States of America have death by testifying abscess spread to the brain. Causes of abscess is caused by dental hygiene not closely, the plaque is left 
Japanese Porn of food created favorable conditions for bacteria to thrive, from which cause the infection, pus-coated tissue swelling, making foot ruined the teeth. If the tooth gets killed, we will not feel pain anymore but the infection still continued and spread to the surrounding area, the most dangerous is spread to the brain and cause death as in the case of the boy on. 

The tooth root is human hair, nice teeth not only look more charming smile that also reflected a lot about health status. Don't pity money to dental dentist with depth because of danger from deep tooth to health is extremely large. 

According to Sina reported a 40 year old man living in Wuhan, China passed by tooth worms. He was caries and cursed by the dude burning urination, but he thought that the tooth is just simple and ill buy painkillers, Western medicine treatment at home for themselves. 

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So don't look down on tooth decay and tooth pain signs, they are more dangerous than we thought and that can steal our lives at any time.

Some hygiene measures, prevention of dental diseases 

-Use high quality fluoride mouthwash to kill bacteria the entire oral cavity (can be replaced with dilute salt water)

-Brushing at least twice a day with toothpaste 

-Dental floss or interdental cleaning by a dental only when stick plaque 

-Replace the toothbrush every three or four times a month, or whenever the fur brushed poor.

-Eat a balanced diet, and limiting sweet foods and snacks between meals.

-See a dentist for regular checks and cleaning professionals.

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