The decline curve models of Vitoria secret abundance extreme squirting attractive, because a lot of people are sick.

Gigi Hadid ever known with fuller bodied, round 1 charm make others could not leave the eye. But recently, Gigi Hadid appeared to lean figure to many, no longer round plump as before has made fans out of no surprises. The first share about his weight loss causes many go so Gigi said her thyroid inflammation diseases-Hashimoto. This disclosure of she made many people amazed by Gigi was always his hard work but also know how to eat healthy. 

Hashimoto is the condition related to autoimmune thyroid damage. It makes the body's metabolic system Gigi to change rapidly. According to her share of the beautiful model, then she was confronted with the disease during the past 2 years. It sanctioned the metabolism becomes slow, making the patient weight gain and depression. Thus, Gigi has to treat, and the effects of smoking makes you thin.

However, the initial symptoms of the disease are nothing special difficult to realize. The disease usually progresses silently for years and until the discovery of the many cases turned to hypothyroidism. 

In the early stages, many sick patients have symptoms as tired, slight weight gain that many people think it is normal signs should ignore. When the disease worsens, then will see common symptoms such as fatigue, fear, cold, constipation, dry skin, edema of face, hoarseness, increase or decrease the weight for unknown reasons, muscle pain, muscle stiffness, menstrual disorders, depression, drowsiness thyroid, louder or teo. 

Without treatment, the disease which will suffer heavy Gigi Hashimoto up and can cause complications such as forgetfulness, memory decline, sluggish activity, goiter, mental, cardiovascular diseases, mucous membranes and can cause birth defects to the fetus. Some older patients are also prone to comatose due to hypothyroidism (very heavy).

inflammation of the thyroid gland

Supneet Saluja, medical doctor, medical hospital endocrinologist Mercy of Baltimore, said, to diagnosis, your doctor will do blood tests to measure levels of thyroid hormones and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) in your body. 

Even, in time to prepare for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show took place in Paris, she got that illness had no small influence. It no longer makes her plump curves. "I don't want to lose any more weight. I just want to have muscles in the right place and if the round 3 a little larger, better, "she said.

inflammation of the thyroid gland
Gigi Hadid appeared in promotional events for the Reebok with slender than before.

Gigi Hadid isn't the only star of thyroid disease. A number of other celebrities also did not hesitate to publicly in his fight against the disease, in which the Zoe Saldana-Star Trek movie actress, Gina Rodriguez-actress Jane film the Virgin in inflammation, Kim Cattrall-Sex and the movie actress Ci company, Brooke Burke-Charvet-film actor, Dancing With the Stars, Victoria Justice-film actress Nickelodeo ...

According to the Department of health and human services, common Hishimoto disease in women more than seven times that of men. Those with a family history of the disease or other autoimmune diseases also have a higher risk. The disease can also meet in person in the age of teens. 

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The thyroid is an endocrine system, the Agency has the task of producing 2 major hormone is T3 and T4-thyroid hormone plays an important role in the harmonic operation of some organs in the body such as the cardiovascular system , the nervous system and the digestive system. When inflammation (Hashimoto), impaired thyroid function, capable of producing homrone suffered away should also affect the functioning of other organs.

Melanie Goldfarb, endocrine surgeon and Director of a project on endocrine tumors at the John Wayne Cancer Institute at Saint John's Providence Medical Center in Santa Monica, California, said a man who developed Hashimoto when the body produces antibodies against the thyroid gland. 

inflammation of the thyroid gland

Direction treatment of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis depends on whether the patient was suffering from hypothyroidism. If not the deficiency of thyroid hormones, the patient does not need treatment but need periodic re-examination to early detection and timely treatment the risk of hypothyroidism. So far not yet had any drug treatment effects from acute thyroiditis. With the patients hormone deficiency (hypothyroidism) hormone replacement therapy will be borders of synthetic drugs have the same effects and the structure of the natural hormone produced by the thyroid.

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