When the interests of the child 8 days after the Jav Office sudden stop of soda, candy

The researchers have been reduced on the road to eat mode 40 of obese children. In the past week, blood pressure, cholesterol, fatty liver, all of the volunteers were reduced.
When the amount of sueglio in the corn sugar complete removal of soda and candy, the risk of obesity, fatty liver Porn HD Video and urinary tract to decrease the child after eight days.
So how to eat sugar from fructose?

Stop to buy these food processing
Really cute, isn't it? Not necessarily, but most of the food packaging with sugar.
Therefore, selection of fresh food in the supermarket
Do their own sauce
The sauce is always better than sugar paste preparation.
To avoid the taste of yogurt


Have a taste of yogurt than usually have a lot of candy. This is why you eat lots of yogurt, decreased body weight, do not buy yogurt with honey or sugar and fruit, let the natural sweet taste.
Only buy fruit
This is the best way to avoid all kinds of fruit juice and dried fruit is very good, but too much money.
The soda beverage
Of course, the alcohol was never very good friends. If you find it difficult to drink, so I decided to put the money you will give the direction of decreasing water every week.
Eating dark chocolate to eat dinner
If you eat sweet dark chocolate. It's better to health and help lower blood pressure, the risk of heart attack.
In 75% sueglio corn food and beverage preparation is a cheaper and sweet 20% compared to the original road. When the consumption of most of the road will be converted into the liver and fat, rather than store to digest. This is why the reduction in weight, all the way from the model, because the body will stop eating hungry and thirsty.
Jean Marc Schwarz professor and university partners Touro (California, USA), found that the elimination of disease resistance from obesity can eat candy sugar, fatty liver and relieve urinary tract without any drugs.


The process of connecting lines into the fatty liver - called (de DNL's lipogenesis).
Compared with glucose, the body will only in the liver and 80% in 20%, 90% will be converted to fructose in the liver. In this way, fructose into fat, glucose ratio of nearly 19 times.
GS Schwarz said: "the research shows that the single mode eat will increase DNL and fatty liver.
It is important to I eliminating sugar diet in obese children in the 9 days of reduced DNL and fatty liver, and improve the metabolism of glucose and lipids.
In the study, 40 obese children (9 years old) without candy sugar reducing cholesterol in 8 days, blood pressure and insulin resistance state.
More importantly, these children have been reduced to 56% DNL at the time of the road to stop spending. In all of the fatty liver, reduced to 22%, "said Schwartz GS.
A study in the southern youth the same result. On the 8 day of loading and DNL fructose, fatty liver increased.
Nghien osteopathic announced in the Journal of the American Association of salvation


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